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Our therapists have at least one of the following:

1) Post-graduate qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy
2) First hand experience and/or involvement in their sporting interest area (inc. dance, running, endurance and contact sports).
3) Directly managed a professional athlete’s rehabilitation

This unique personal and professional insight into sports injury assists in our aim to deliver elite level rehabilitation to the ‘everyday athlete’. Our protocols have been ‘tested’ at a high level time and time again. As a result, we are confident in the quality of our product and believe that all recreational and amateur athletes of various sports involvement should have access to that standard of care.

Our commitment to your recovery

In order to deliver on our promises, expect to receive the types of services many of our competitors neglect to offer.

  • Injury Prevention Screenings. We develop and administer specific musculoskeletal screening tools to identify risk factors for injury
  • Sports specific rehabilitation. We know the demands of your sport and condition you accordingly. This includes:
    • Individual and group preparatory running sessions including sled towing
    • Graded running programs
    • Jump training and dynamic balance drills
    • Change of direction drills
    • Speed and agility
    • Skill integration
    • Contact training if necessary
    • Gym program design and monitoring
    • A suite of dance specific services including Pointe Assessments
    • Free conditional use of Active Life Fitness weights, pool and cardio equipment
  • Specialised equipment access. Rehabilitation products that we use in our clinic are made readily available for clients to use at home by way of sale or hire. We also have an open door policy to our clients and encourage them to come in to the clinic without appointment to use the facility and its equipment to rehab.

Our Specialties

We have become well known for our protocols for Knee and Shoulder Reconstruction rehabilitation. We have the know-how and the facilities to ensure a complete recovery and a return to pre injury level of competition with confidence.

I need a sports physio

Need a sports specific physiotherapist, one who understands athletic rehabilitation and performance improvement?

We've got you covered with specialised, safe and speedy recovery programs. Check them out.
I need a sports physio
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