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Pilates is a name given to a particular exercise type long practiced by physiotherapists. Its general premise involves:

  • Low load postural holding exercises to improve the stability and control of body segments
  • Promoting a more conscious awareness of movement.

Skill development here provides the foundation for a number of the other components of fitness, including, strength, speed and power and can therefore be a crucial part of the rebuilding process.

Clinical Pilates refers to a Physiotherapist designed and supervised program that considers your specific injury as well as ability. Our understanding of injury as well as the relatively low intensity of the exercise often allows you to commence this type of program early in your rehabilitation.

Our Clinical Pilates:

  • Individual and small group sessions
  • Combined machine and floor based program
  • Pre involvement assessments and program development by an experienced Physiotherapist
  • 100% supervised exercises to promote stability and flexibility
  • Health fund rebates for Clinical Pilates sessions
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Want a supervised low impact exercise sessions to speed recovery and increase stability and flexibility?

We've have tailored physiotherapist designed programs run by trained Pilates Instructors
I'm Interested In Pilates