10 Reasons to choose an experienced Physio at Excell Rehab!

//10 Reasons to choose an experienced Physio at Excell Rehab!
  1. “The proof is in the pudding” -75% of our new patients are referred by word of mouth.
  2. Experienced clinicians have established networks for reliable referrals.
  3. Our therapists have attained a higher level of professional training adding to both their specialisation in musculoskeletal and their treatment skillset
  4. We recognise clinical patterns more readily and start you on the right path to recovery immediately.
  5. “Been around the block a few times” – We understand that people are all different, and our response to the same injury in most cases is also different. Experienced clinicians have seen more of the natural variation in injury course than a novice, and can accommodate to it.
  6. “Seen it, done it” – We apply tried and tested protocols that have been developed over time and reliably achieve positive outcomes.
  7. We rely on the quality of manual handling and exercise therapy, not machines, hotpacks and physio assistants.
  8. We have handled more bodies – Increased sensitivity to various tissue textures and comparing that to normal is established over time.
  9. “More tools in the tool belt” – Experienced clinicians can trial different techniques if you are not responding appropriately.
  10. We are holistic and better to consider the other contributing lifestyle factors to your injury profile beyond what we see in front of us.


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