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Caitlin Bayley

Caitlin has recently graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours (BPhty). She is very keen to put her knowledge to use, working with you to accelerate your recovery and maximize your outcomes.


Caitlin is a very active person; dancing since the age of three, swimming from a young age and sailing for several years. Although competing in these individual sports, she also has a keen interest in team sport. It was her own sports injuries that ultimately introduced her to the field of Physiotherapy and her Physiotherapist who fostered her growing curiosity and interest in Physiotherapy as a career. As a prophylactic strategy to manage these injuries, she was introduced to Pilates over 5 years ago, and has continued to practice the discipline ever since. She has recently completed advanced equipment training and is well qualified to develop a structured rehabilitation pathway from initial injury, to higher level gym based reconditioning and, of course, a return to pre-injury activity. Caitlin loves to see that transition and the confidence that comes from being able to regain and maintain strength and fitness post-injury as well as prevent further recurrence.


If you would like to improve your stability and body awareness and want to challenge your body’s intrinsic strength deficiencies (be that from injury or general deconditioning), be sure to book a Pilates Assessment with Caitlin. Feel free to check the current Pilates Schedule in our ‘Services’ section. 1-1 sessions are also available for your convenience.

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