Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2017-12-15T01:20:19+10:00
Can I call and talk to my physio if I have any questions? 2017-12-15T01:20:25+10:00

Yes. In fact we go out of our way to ensure you are well looked after from organising appointments for you, chasing your imaging results as well as seeing clients before or after regular hours on request. You can email, phone or even stop by with any concerns. If we can stop to assist, we will, otherwise we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

How does the “No change, no charge” guarantee work? 2015-03-03T14:58:10+10:00

We always aim to improve your symptoms and restore function from day 1. We are so intent on this that we offer a “no change, no charge” results guarantee. If we cannot change your symptoms or refer you to someone that can, we will refund your out of pocket expenses for our services (I.e. the total cost of service minus the health fund rebate).

What can I expect from my treatment? 2017-12-15T01:20:25+10:00

We pride ourselves on a firm ‘hands-on’ approach to injury management (massage and trigger point therapy) but may also use this in combination with other modalities including manual therapy (joint mobilisations), dry needling and therapeutic exercise, even in water if deemed appropriate.

Are you the type of Physio that I will have to keep coming back to? 2015-03-03T14:57:19+10:00

No. We aim to make your first injury, your last injury. We do this by providing a thorough but appropriate amount of input for you to restore your body to a condition that is able to tolerate the various demands you require of it. We are determined to deliver elite level rehab to the everyday athlete.

What’s the difference between Physio and Chiro? 2017-12-15T01:20:25+10:00

Historically, Chiropractors would use manipulation as a first choice technique as part of a ‘realignment’ philosophy. Their approach often promotes reliance and dependence on ‘adjustments’ for ongoing maintenance or relief.

Physiotherapists use a number of different modalities targeting both the joints and the body’s soft tissue elements. They address any dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system from muscle tightness to movement control issues using an appropriate combination of techniques including manual therapy and exercise therapy. The Physiotherapist’s approach promotes independence and self-management aiming for complete resolution of your symptoms.

Do you have a cancellation policy? 2017-12-15T01:20:25+10:00

Yes, but we understand that things come up from time to time unexpectedly. Please give us as much notice as possible to allow us to fill your allocated time slot with another client needing care. Any less than 3 hours notice will incur a fee as will non-attendance without notice. The fee of $25 is payable at your next consultation.

Can physio help me? 2017-12-15T01:20:25+10:00

Yes we can. If you are one of those few cases that does require further specialised medical treatment then we have a very strong network of associated health practitioners that we can refer to should your condition be deemed inappropriate for Physio management and best treated elsewhere

Physiotherapists are used more and more as first contact practitioners, meaning clients often decide to consult their Physio prior to discussing it with their GP or other health care professional.

Is there parking? 2015-03-03T14:49:20+10:00

As we are in the Active Life Gym there is parking on both sides of the facility. There is limited parking on both Wynnum Rd (inbound) and Balmoral Tce (outbound). At peak times it can be difficult to find a park, however, the left lane of Wynnum Rd can be used for the majority of the day as it is only a clearway between 7 and 9 am. Alternatively there are a number of side streets off Wynnum Rd and Balmoral Tce that are just a short walk from the Gym.

What do I need to wear? 2017-12-15T01:20:25+10:00

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows the Physio to visualise your injured area. Shorts for low back and lower limb issues and a singlet top for women with upper body concerns are ideal.

What else do I need to bring? 2015-03-03T14:52:09+10:00

Please bring any imaging you may have had done pertaining to your injury. Additionally, bring any related paperwork that may assist in managing your problem or billing you for it. This might include any doctor’s letters, medical certificates or instructions or Workcover or insurance documentation.

If you have a lower limb concern, especially one pertaining to running, please also bring in your regular footwear and/or orthotics for us to check and assess you in.

Can I claim my health fund benefit at Excell Rehab and how much is my gap fee? 2015-03-03T14:53:13+10:00

Yes. Please bring your Private Health card to your appointment for immediate rebates. Health fund rebates differ amongst insurers, the type of cover you have and the type of treatment you receive (Physio, Massage or Group Pilates). In some instances, the health fund may cover the entire amount of the consultation, in other instances it may only be a small percentage. For a more accurate costing in advance, please contact your insurer.

How long does my appointment take? 2015-03-03T14:54:40+10:00

Appointments are booked every half an hour but most take between 45mins and 1 hour depending on your treatment. Please allow this time unless you have other appointments, in which case let one of our staff members know.

We are still OPEN. Please see our opening hours at the bottom of the page as they may have changed.Stay at home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, please call your GP straight away.