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The Best Exercises to Prevent Hamstring Injury

Hamstring injury is known to be one of the most common injuries in sport. In particularly in athletes that require high speed such as sprinters and footballers. What makes hamstring injury different from other injuries is the high rate of reinjury.

Up to 60% of athletes will re injure […]

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Target the hips for a better squat

We all KNOW how to squat properly, so why don’t we? Do you ever feel ‘stuck’ while trying to go deeper? Or have you tried to push through it and found yourself injured. Taking a closer look at your hip flexibility could reveal the answer. Good squatting technique requires not only the physical strength to [...]

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Excell Rehab now offers 1-1 and Group Hydrotherapy Classes

Classes are now offered mid morning Tuesdays and Thursdays and 1-1 sessions by appointment. The benefits of heated water are useful in the treatment of arthritis and associated arthritic conditions, acute back pain and for joint mobilisation; post-operatively or in the elderly. This is possible due to the low joint loading offered in suspension and [...]

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Kisana Ward part of Jarrod “Left Jab” Fletchers Title winning bout!

Kisana Ward, Excell Rehab's resident Massage Therapist has been in Nice, France as part of Jarrod Fletcher's entourage. Jarrod went the full 12 rounds against Max Bursak, the European Middleweight Champion in Monte Carlo Sunday night and won on a points decision to claim the WBA Middlewight Title. A 4 to 1 underdog, Brisbane based [...]

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10 Reasons to choose an experienced Physio at Excell Rehab!

1. “The proof is in the pudding” -75% of our new patients are referred by word of mouth.
2. Experienced clinicians have established networks for reliable referrals.
3. Our therapists have attained a higher level of professional training adding to both their [...]

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