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We pride ourselves on ensuring you recovering quickly and stay injury free. But don't take our word for it, just ask the people who put their trust in us! Check out the nice things our clients have said below!

“I was unsure of how to find a good physio, I have played netball all of my life and I have had trouble with my knee for so long that I just thought this was something I just had to live with. I have been to physio’s before and I always felt like I would be forever being treated and there was no end to them.

Then I was recommended to see Chris and he immediately gave me pain relief and peace of mind. He was very thorough, asking to see all of my previous tests and treatments history and he made it very clear that if I did what he asked of me, with my ‘homework’ that there is no reason I couldn’t be back to my normal life sports and activities and the greatest surprise was after a few treatments he actually told me I don’t need to see him anymore. Who does that? I love that, these days I don’t even wait for people to ask me if I know a good physio, I just tell everyone, they need to see Chris”.

Caren S, November 2014
“As someone who has always been active and played a lot of sport, I’ve been seeing Chris Dillon at Excell Rehab for 5 years – he has successfully rehabilitated me through two knee operations (including a knee reconstruction), two significant back injuries (bulging disc and worn disc) and he is currently rehabilitating me through a recent hip operation (for a condition that he actually diagnosed which set me on my current course of treatment). I’ve never had a more knowledgeable, conscientious and most importantly, caring physiotherapist (and I’ve had a lot!) and I’m incredibly grateful to have him practice locally.”
Elaine S. October 2014
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